Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The best cardboard box ever.

Just yesterday a friend sent me an interesting article that was published on the BBC News website.
It was titled "The best cardboard box in the world?"

It was interesting reading someone else's viewpoint on the Brownie cameras and what they said the cameras are capable of in their definition.  Everyone has their opinion and are entitled to share. 
If you want to read the article that the BBC wrote please click on the link below.

Stephen Dowling shared for a brief moment that the cameras were like before the Brownies came into the world of story tellers, and it's lovely reading about them so please click on the link and read what he has to say.

It seems that the Brownies captured more of the 20th century than any other kind of camera.
That is amazing so interesting to know.  If you could just hold one of those cameras and wonder what that would have been like to capture History, to capture more of the 20th century than ANY other camera that is a joy to hold such camera.  You might say yes but what about Digital you have a point but so do I its all to do with the different generations and how technology moves with the times.  Also we are talking about film nothing beats film / analog in our generation now it's considered old, no it's considered gold dust to takes us back to the start to where it all began for story tellers.  

I have found the brownies to be a joy to use in this day and age regardless of what is mentioned about its limitations in the article, simply it's what you make it to be that's how I'd put it and one must be willing to experiment too.  Yes it does have a slow shutter speed but that must not stop one from taking photos and yes it is time consuming too.  As you must plan carefully before taking a photo due to the time and cost involved with the cameras as they either take 120, 127 or 620 film.

The cameras can be set for either snapshots or brief-time exposures.  I will share more soon on the technical side of the cameras it's to do with distance from your chosen subject and the final outcome. And I have yet to try brief-time exposure so more on that soon along with day time and film speed.

I also found it fascinating to read how Stephen shares that these very cameras went to war and were used to capture events from the sinking Titanic basically history was recorded from these little cameras labeled with the question mark asking us if it is the best cardboard box ever to be made.  In my opinion yes it is the best ever.

We are all aware well I hope you are that there are many different kind of Brownies that were made. 
They even became the BEST SELLING cameras of all time.  

I think these cameras deserve more credit than they are given today...

Yes they are fixed focus and are classified as a point and shoot camera, but the beauty is when you get the photos back and you view them it is like TAKING A STEP BACK IN TIME and the images  are captivating.  I can only give you my word for that but it's true.

The BBC shared this article with the hope that others would share photos taken with Brownies alongside their stories.  I'm looking forward to reading what others share.

I have submitted some of mine taken with the reflex brownie camera.  When the feed goes live I will post it to my blog so you can read what is shared among the different story tellers of today from yesterday.

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