Sunday, 22 March 2015

24 hour photo project 21-03-2015

24 hour photo project started midnight on Saturday 21st March it involves taking one photo per hour and uploading to Instagram.  My main base was the city of Manchester seeing it was street photography I felt that Manchester had a lot to offer the theme was 'The Human Condition'.

I set off for manchester it seemed to take forever to get there, then it was somewhat a nightmare trying to find the place where I was staying  as I asked passers by if they could help but no-one seemed to know where it was.  So after walking around for almost an hour I finally found it.

I got settled in and had some sleep a few hours passed then midnight approached I got up and wandered out into the city but close to the hotel.  As I walked around in the Northern Quarter it was busy and almost bursting at the seams the night life was very much alive with a mixture of people all ages roaming the Streets and bars...  The police were out in force as well on street corners you could see their vans parked.  

I wasn't sure about photographing at such early hours due to safety reasons but I thought going out for half a hour would be good to get say ten photos and upload them on the hour...however as I began to snap away suddenly this man started to shout at me, I moved quickly away from him but he seemed to follow me then this bouncer asked if I was okay so I told him what happened he said stay around here and I'll look after you.  He was so helpful and it was unexpected really.

I felt safer when this kind bouncer offered to watch my back...but to be honest I didn't stay out long because of what happened.  I quickly resorted back to the safety of the hotel.
As I knew Manchester isn't safe at night especially when walking alone.

The daybreak approached and I slowly woke up.  Then I ventured out once again before breakfast as I walked outside the hotel a man asked for a cigarette and my reply was I don't smoke he started shouting at me... I just ignored him and walked away.... 

I began snapping away it was fun as I captured people setting off to work...

After breakfast the fun began as I walked out into the city not only to explore but to capture life within the city and surrounding areas.  As the hours began to pass by and having taken way over the number of expected photos it was hard to choose which ones to upload to Instagram each hour... I must have walked for miles all over the afternoon was fading it was exhausting the whole project.

In the spurr of the moment I decided to call it a day and head home...

It was a great experience but safety is really a must.  My photos are okay not the best or what I'd normally produce when shooting.  Below are a few from the event so you can get an ideal of the day.

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