Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Has anyone ever done something so kind to another?  Yet in doing that you might never have fully realised what that act would have become or dreamed what it would do for the receiver.

For myself someone (my best friend) gave me a camera that has not only given me so much joy and pleasure it was a gift that I never dreamed of receiving.  The camera is 70 years old I guess made in the 1940's and yes it works.  Words are not enough as to what this person has done for me really, I can't fully express how thankful I am.

The first film I put through this camera will be shown in an exhibition in Manchester in May it's the second exhibition this year for three of the images that I captured with the first film.

I just want to share those images again along with the promo flyer that was made for my photos for the show.

Enjoy them....but I guess I'm the one who gets the most pleasure from it all.

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