Sunday, 10 May 2015

Exhibition ETALAGE III Friday 8.5.2015

Friday 8th May finally arrived as I woke up that morning suddenly the realisation that the exhibition was that evening.  I began to get goosebumps thinking about the show and how as an artist it might be an open door to maybe someone would discover my work.

I quickly got up and hurried to breakfast only to be caught up in the busyness of everyone trying to get their food and coffee.  I just needed coffee to get me started so quickly made one and sat down and I began to dream about the day and wonder how it would unfold.  We all have these moments of dreaming no matter what age you are we all dream of the very things we would love to happen in the now.

As the evening was slowly approaching it started to rain I mean rain it was sort of distracted me in one way and calmed the nerves a I looked out the window watching the people hurry past the shops to avoid getting wet.  Suddenly the clock struck 5:15pm and I was standing ready all dressed for the show.  It was almost time to venture out into the rain we caught a Taxi to take us to the AWOL Studios otherwise we would have got soaked.

Oh I couldn't believe it was time for the show.  As we arrived knowing the exhibition was on the top floor jumped on the lift but this time the light was working so I could see what was happening and it wasn't such a problem to communicate.

The doors opened. It was time...

As the invited guests began to arrive the studio quickly filled up.  

As I was walking around I began to take a few photos as I looked at the other artists work, all outstanding work.  A few projects caught my eye as I read the artist descriptions and looked at the photos.  I want to share a few with you from the show as I realise many of you will not be able to attend so this is a window into the evening.

Many different artists showed projects they were working on or had recently finished.

I remember an interesting subject in which one artist photographed the British Living Room a simple place where we all live our every day lives yet every living room is different never two the same.  I loved the idea behind this work, as you viewed the different rooms it sort of gave a small window into the peoples lives who lived in that space.  

The two photos above were taken by one of my friends Tony who is an artist based in Plymouth. His project was about a trip he took in Kenya "Tsavo" fantastic work indeed.  He captured the wildlife and the open land within that area of Tsavo it is breathtaking to be honest.  It's like one is standing on the threshold of that very place to see and experience the landscape with the nature found in that area of Kenya. 

Another artist that caught my eye was a young woman who did a series of self portraits it was interesting to see what she did and how she portrayed herself in photographic form.  

One of my ex-tutors was also exhibiting at the show his work focused on old railway lines once used as a means to get from A to B but now over grown and disused yet portrayed so beautifully by nature.  

All of the exhibitors work was outstanding.

My two ex-tutors above, David was exhibiting also. 

It was a fabulous evening had by all and a great turnout.  I am so thankful to Liz Ball for giving me the opportunity to share my work at this event and I hope it's the first of many.  

Lastly showing you my work that was exhibiting at the event. 

It was an honour to be able to share my work from the Reflex Brownie Camera, which were well received by the invited guests and artists alike, lots of positive feedback was given along with encouragement to keep going and to begin my new project.

A friend loved my Business cards. 

So this is just a little look into the evening and the show goes on until Friday 15.5.15.

Next exhibition with Breakfast Included in two weeks time. 

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