Thursday, 7 May 2015

Installation ETALAGE III Exhibition

The exhibition day has almost arrived, this afternoon was the installation for the last of the artists.
Everyone was sort of kept in their own busyness with getting their work up and ready for the show tomorrow night.  It was somewhat exciting watching the other artists alike preparing their work and meeting each other...

When arriving at the studio one had a choice to either take the lift or the many steps to get to the top floor it was rather interesting as I got on the lift with two men it was pitch black and I just said I'm going to the studio...they laughed at me.  When at the top one can look down the lovely old steps I had to take a photo.

 I looked around at other people's work sometimes it's interesting to do such a thing as in a way it gives a glimpse into their see what they're not only capturing but to see the creativity found within other artists can be very interesting indeed.

It took just a mere ten minutes to install my work just three photos to exhibit.
It was hard to get a photo of my work alone as someone else's work is directly above mine.

This was my space that Liz set aside for me...

Below is a snapshot of my work not the best I'm afraid.

After installing my work I decided to leave and get checked in to the place where I'm staying...but I did notice on the way into the studio how nice and old it looked outside so took a few photos, it's actually a nice photogenic area in the Northern part of the city.

Next blog will be all about the actual exhibition evening. 

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