Tuesday, 14 July 2015


It seems like a few weeks have passed since my last blog.  I'm still awaiting on the return of my films, which should be any day now.  

Another day has gone and I'm still waiting.  Sometimes it's kinda slow moving this project and I wonder if it's worth going on with it, I wish I had the film really available here and the resources to develop and scan the negatives myself.  I guess I need motivation and encouragement at times.

In the mean time I do plan a trip to capture the bridge and castle at Ludlow in Shropshire, but I need to plan that well as its a three hour drive / six hour round trip but maybe longer depending on traffic.

So I am awaiting on my films coming back....soon I hope.

Below is a screen grab of the castle at Ludlow in Shropshire.  It's a gem so beautiful. 

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