Friday, 7 October 2016

Meeting the Class

So today is the day we all get to meet each other online.

A new group of likeminded people about to venture out into an amazing journey a journey of discovery too.  I'm excited about the next two years to be honest and as the days unfold I hope to not only discover new things about myself but of the very things I will capture to be totally immersed into what I will do and to become a real story teller in the worlds eye.

It was fantastic meeting seven lovely people this morning online from different parts of the World mainly the U.K. but a few who are abroad as well.

As the class started I was somewhat ohhhhh don't let me be first to introduce myself I was so nervous and began to think did I set up my gallery ok did it make sense all sorts of thoughts went through my mind....  Then Dr Lowe began to talk so the introduction was under way the first person to share was Tom Warland his work was amazing he showed six different galleries.  I thought oh no I've only put one up!

When Tom finished sharing it was my turn it was weird to be honest to be sat in front of my computer talking away but I couldn't see anyone I just stared straight at my computer and talked then I put up the link to my only gallery hoping it would work and of course it did.

I introduced myself and where I'm from what I've been doing these past few years as a photographer, then I shared my Brownie work as I walked in Edward Chambre Hardman's Footsteps in which I re-traced his Footsteps from the early 1950's till today.

It was good to do this because not only do we get to meet each other we actually get to see a glimpse into our lives to see where we're at and to interact but in a different way.

The online tutorial was so different to what I had while I did my BA in Blackpool as we sat in critic sessions every week and viewed each other's work we were able to interact in different ways but I guess this is a learning curve and we will all settle into it soon enough.

So seven of us shared this morning and more will share this evening so I'm looking forward to that as well it's so interesting to meet and hear about everyone's work.

I'm just excited and nervous at the same time.


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