Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New Beginnings

Its about time I got a new blog post up sorry for the long silent delay.  

Lots of things going on in the background but here I am about to begin a new blog on another new journey.

Just yesterday Monday 3rd October a new adventure started for BrownieGirl.

My new adventure will take on many different forms and turns as I progress through the next two years of my life.  I have started my MA in Photojournalism & Documentary with London College of Communications it's part-time so will be working on that for the coming two years.

Am I excited yes I am to be honest.  At the moment I'm not sure where it will take me or what will happen over these next two years it will be an interesting adventure dare I say.

So that's what is going on and I hope those who already follow me will be happy at this news.

Keep watching for more updates as I progress through the course.

My first assignment is photographing people at work which is three different types of work just capturing the people as they go through the day to day things in their jobs.  Should be fun or maybe I will be stretched a little who knows.  

I will post some photos in a few days of what happens and we are not allowed to edit in anyway so you will see the photos in their true form, which I'm used to doing with my Brownie Camera so it's normal for myself.  

Journing on...

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