Thursday, 6 October 2016

People at Work Project (Artist) Robin Ross

We were given our first assignment on Monday to take photos of People at work.

The details were; One 35mm camera fitted with either a 50mm or a 35mm lens.  Black and White. To use available light no flash.  Maximum 400ASA outdoors, 800ASA indoors.  To take the equivalent of  72-100 frames of each subject.  Use manual focus and manual exposure.

To photograph an individual person at work or at leisure.  Three different subjects in different locations.  Make a series of images that show clearly the job or activity that they are doing and something about the nature of the job.

Artist Photo Shoot

Just yesterday Wednesday 5th October I began my first project in which i photographed another artist over in Blackpool at the Old Rock Factory.

This is his website;

As I drove over to the Old Rock Factory honestly I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I had heard some fantastic reviews on Robins work and what he offers to the comunity in Blackpool as an artist.
I approached the long stairs to the entrance of his studio to find the door slightly ajar and I called in "hello" waiting for an answer and a voice shouted back.  So I went inside and it was an amazing place to be honest.  Robin kindly introduced himself, I did meet him last year when I was exhibiting with Test Bed which was an exhibition on the environment of which I had the privilege to be part of that show.

He started to share about his work as an artist and as I began to take photos he told me about the different process that the artwork goes through while he kindly demonstrated it as well.

I constantly was capturing Robin at work and looking around the surroundings as I was just captivated by what he did and his work is outstanding as for someone who does screen printing I'd never seen a studio quite like it.  He talked about the different colours of ink he uses for the prints its like how we use CMYK on our computer monitors we are restricted to the Green, Red and Black you will know what I mean.  It was simply fascinating.  He clearly loves his work and is so passionate about it too he even runs classes to learn how to screen print you can do some of your own photos if you requested for that its endless what he offers as to printing.

I just snapped away with my camera trying to remember all the details within the brief and trying to pay attention to what I was shooting within the frames it was hard as one had to move fast to capture the different moments within the given time frame and to focus as well was a challenge as I had to use my zoom lens due to a slight problem with my 35mm lens.

The sun kept appearing inside the window so I had to keep changing my camera settings to accommodate the brightness of the sunshine streaming into the room.  It was a challenge and a few of my photos are over exposed and have blurring too.

I was trying to think of the narrative as well but we were constantly on the move it was hard I guess the challenge is (a) Time frame (b) constantly moving (c) natural light source changing (d) trying to make sense of it all as in a story.

I guess its a different way of thinking in this area of photography and I'm only just learning this now as I type and think back to yesterdays shoot with Robin.

See below for some photos I'm showing the best ones, I know you can't blame me.

I have done NO editing whatsoever in the photos they are pure.

It was a great experience and I'm thankful to Robin for allowing me to capture him busy at work in his studio.

A real learning curve too as to having to almost go back to basics with my camera, I always use manual anyway but I use auto focus normally so it was a challenge to get back into doing the whole thing myself.  But I really enjoyed it.

After capturing Robin at work I then went to photograph my next person at work I will blog about that tomorrow.


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