Monday, 14 November 2016


This past week the Photo project has been on 'Relationships' and for many of us the first thing that come's to mind is a couple in love.

I am somewhat challenged to think 'outside of the box' for this brief.  It has been a challenge as we are not allowed to photograph people we know it has to be strangers which is hard so hard to ask.

These past few days I've been thinking a lot about the brief and why it has to be strangers I can understand why as if we are photojournalists we will never 'know' the people we are photographing as thats the nature of the job.  So I guess this is a great tool to develop and have as we are studying for the degree it will equip us and make us more than ready to face what is ahead of us for when we graduate.

Just the other day I took a walk in a cemetery it was interesting as I had in my mind 'A love lost or gone' I loved that idea as to how to approach this from a different viewpoint as it's not just about someone in love 'present tense'.  As I walked through the cemetery a few people came and went they allowed me to photograph them they shared a little about their loved one who was no longer here so sad yet lovely that they visit the grave to lay fresh flowers and tidy up the area where their loved one was laid to rest.

My main problem I could't get as many photos of the one person so I did a few and I hope that will be accepted within the brief.

Today I went to a local library and saw a student talking with an older woman it looked like they were looking at his work and making adjustments to his written work so I approached and asked if I could photograph them and they said yes straight away.  I began to photograph them it was hard as they were sat in a confined area so small which gave me little room for moving about but I got some good shots I believe.

I'm learning and I'm loving this course so much it's great and oh I can't put into words just how good it is...  So much ideas and things running through my head as I type amongst excitement.  As we have just been given a briefing for the next project and I can't wait to start....

Enjoying the journey

Brownie Girl....

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