Saturday, 14 October 2017

Collaborative Project moving on...

Having now been up at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow and chatted with Dr Richard Locke.  Many things are going through my head as I think back to that first visit and mainly thinking about the things we talked about that day.

It was like we crammed in as much as we could in that one hour we had to chat.

Thinking back there are some things I would like to share from that day that I feel are important.
Having already shared about the cochlear implant I'll move away from that on this post and look at the other areas.

Dr Locke mentioned about the value of sound / appreciation of sound it was a beautiful way to put that in the sense of what he meant.  He shared with me that when a patient goes through a hearing test or a test for the implant its all to do with how we hear the noises being put to us through another source.  He mentioned that yes as a consultant he knows that the patient heard the noise / sound being played to them but to what extent did the patient hear that he will never fully know.

In other words whenever someone gets a hearing test only that person knows how loud or quiet it was and they have no way of letting the audiologist know just how it was received other than yes it was heard.  I sensed that if the consultants did know the extent of how the noise / sounds were received then maybe they could provide better hearing aids or implants for the patient in that way.

I had the feeling as Dr Locke spoke that this is one area he would like to have control over to really understand just how the noise was received.  And to myself that is amazing I think yes maybe this is the way forward like the next best thing that is still yet to be...

Since my last visit I've been brain storming as to how I will wrap this project up and I have only ideas at this stage but I"m excited and wish I could run full flow but that's not how it goes as I realise I have to walk at the pace, availability that Dr Locke has and not what I have.  I'd love to do something to help others perhaps they have just been diagnosed as hearing impaired as it is a live changing event something you never prepare for, I'd love to produce something that can help the patient be at ease maybe a pamphlet to reassure them of those changes and what will happen / what to expect.  I'm just dreaming at the moment.

Dr Locke wanted me to attend a one day conference at the Hospital but due to red-tape its not happening the conference is all about cochlear implants it sounded absolutely fantastic but it's not to be on this occasion it's all to do with copyright as to the photographs I would take and so on.
My tutors advised me in different ways about the above as they heard in my voice that I had longed to be able to attend that conference.  Lewis was happy to help with maybe writing something to them to reassure them that the photos would not be shown outside of university.  However we are unable to change anything but to accept it's not going to happen.

This coming Wednesday and Thursday I will be at the hospital on both days meeting with Dr Locke and another consultant who works in noise.  I hope all will go well and that I'll be able to gather as much information as I can.


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