Sunday, 21 September 2014

How does this camera work?

As I sat down that very evening looking at the brownie I began to wonder how it works,
excitement filled me at the thought of being able to use this camera.

I knew I had to find the manual.

Google is an amazing tool for finding things that are hard to comeby, especially something like this I began searching and yes it was online so I downloaded it.

As I began to read through the manual I knew the first thing was to understand how the camera works then to purchase some 120 film.  But little did I realise the actual camera takes 620 film which are no longer available.  Again I turned to Google and saw that I had two options one was to either re-spool the film from the 120 to 620 spool or to try and trim the 120 film to fit the camera. The only difference between the two films are the spool size the 620 is slightly smaller than the 120.

So I began the process of trimming the 120 spool being careful not to get anything on the actual film as I did it.  And to my amazement I managed to do that, then I inserted the film ready to take some photos.

Excitement filled me like I was a child again.

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