Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 was the beginning of a journey yet it continues.

I woke up this morning and looked out my window at the landscape it was a beautiful winters day all  frosty, one could say it was a dusting of snow....

It was just beautiful and breathtaking.  I had to load my two Brownies with film as it seems like the weeks have flown past since I was last out with the cameras. As I loaded the films it was strange as it felt so normal to just load them without having to do any research whatsoever, as I now know the cameras so well.  

Off I went and it was absolutely freezing outside.  As I drove along the Cumbrian countryside looking for something different to capture. 

The roads were narrow with sharp bends and of course icy but I kept going and I pulled over a few times to take photos.  The scenery was beautiful. 

After driving around for what it seemed like ages, then the sun began to came up and the frost began to melt, the whole landscape changed so I decided to abandon taking photos with the cameras as I'm sure this cold snap is here to stay for longer which will enable me to take more frosty landscape  photos as the days go past.  My aim is to finish the two films this year 2014. 

The Box Brownie 1 has a colour film in it and the Reflex has B&W film.  So two very different perspectives.  I am excited to see what tomorrow brings as I venture out once again but in the other direction.  It would be amazing if I stumble across some mist in the frozen landscape can you imagine the images I could get with the B&W film it would be just amazing, as having now seen photos printed from that camera. 

So in the New Year the JOURNEY CONTINUES...

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Work on show

As I approached the college this morning really I had no idea what the photos on display would look like at the exhibition.  It was the first time ever that I was exhibiting images from the Reflex Brownie as previously I'd only seen them on my computer monitor alongside the negatives.  

As I was walking my phone beeped it was a notification from FB a friend was sharing about her work which was also being showcased at the same exhibition, she simply said my work was superb, yet again I hadn't seen them.  

The gallery doors opened and as I walked through I was blown away they were indeed amazing to look at for the first time ever I was looking at photos taken with a camera from the 1940's they just took my breath away. 

For myself it's the start of a new project and having seen what the camera now produces its outstanding I'm just thrilled completely.  My ex-tutors were so encouraging as well so much positive feedback was given today.

Simply they're just beautiful and worth all the effort of going the extra mile.

I want to share those photos with you, and I hope that you will enjoy them.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Exhibition is now open

The exhibition is now open at the college where I undertook my Degree it is open to the public until 13th February 2015.  

will be visiting the college tomorrow to see the images that I submitted for the show also it will be a great opportunity to see the work from other artists and to read of the journeys they've had or are having, I can't wait to see this exhibition. 

A new post alongside some images will appear shortly from my visit. 

The exhibition is at Blackpool & The Fylde College so if your in the area pop into see the show. 

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