Monday, 26 January 2015

BBC News Website Magazine Box Brownies

Click on the link to see my work amongst others taken with a Box Brownie...
Although they didn't publish my full article due to limited space.

I am deeply honoured to be sharing this with you all as I journey on. 

Here is what I originally wrote up...enjoy the read.

In mid September my best friend Guy Woodland who I met through Blackpool & the Fylde College sent me a belated Birthday present which was two Brownie cameras - Box Brownie 1 and a Brownie Reflex.   

Having only read about those cameras whist studying for my BA Degree in Photography I never thought I would own such cameras.  So it was the beginning of something very special, it was the start of a new journey for myself.  I sourced film from a company in the South of England as these cameras take either a 127 or 620 film which are very rare to find.  
I wasn't really sure what the outcome would be with using the cameras as I'd never seen photos produced from Brownie cameras before.  

The outcome was beyond my expectations the photos are beautiful and give a vintage feel, one can see they were taken with a unique camera when viewing them. The photo that is featured was taken on a windy day in Arnside, Cumbria in October 2014. It's taken of the railway bridge going towards Barrow I took it because it speaks of a journey and I'm on a journey with the cameras for this coming year to capture a chosen subject with the possibility to exhibit later. I want to retrace  work that photographers in that era did with the Brownie cameras. 

I love the camera because firstly I'm passionate about photography and secondly it was given to me by my best friend who knows my heart and it was the most touching thing anyone has ever done for me to give me a present that would touch not only my passions but my heart...they knew this would be the best present ever...  And having put film through the cameras some of the images from the first film are being exhibited at the college where I undertook my degree. 

Images from the Reflex Brownie are being exhibited at Blackpool & the Fylde College from December 2014 till 13th February 2015. 

I hope to set up a group for people who use Box Brownie cameras to share ideas and suggestions alike and would like them to get in touch.

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