Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Brownie days are the best.

Yesterday I walked the streets of Liverpool on a freezing winters day, the sun was shining.  As I walked the streets looking for something that was worth capturing, something that would fit in with what I'm trying to do photographic-wise.   I took a few shots of a backstreet it was lovely, I could only imagine what it would look like as a finished photo from the Reflex.  This is one I took with my phone as a tester. 


As I walked around the streets looking for opportunities to photograph it's seemed like the hours just flew past.  One thing that was on my mind a lot although excited at the start of the day about taking photos that I'd  like to take what I'd imagined to capture was another thing entirely.  Sometimes one must dream of the possibilities and hope that they will fall into place sometimes it doesn't quite happen that way. 

This morning I drove up to Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick.  As I was driving the landscape changed it became more snowlike and beautiful I was hoping in my heart that at Castlerigg their would also be snow.  

As I approached the top of the hill suddenly I glanced over to my right and saw the stones it was breathtaking it was lovely a dusting of maybe two feet of snow lay neatly on the ground.  I scrambled out the car as I couldn't wait to get snapping.  I got my cameras and walked across the road then I slowly opened the gate to enter the field.  The snow was hard and crisp it wasn't fresh and soft...there was a bitterly cold wind...I got to work quickly.  

The first photos I took were with the Brownie then I changed to my Nikon then my iPhone as I just get so excited that I can't wait to see what it looks like from the camera.  I know it might sound silly as you see with your eyes yes you do but sometimes we can miss something that is only seen when looking back at the images.  However I always take two cameras with me now if shooting film.  

With the Brownie I almost shot a full roll of film there was so many different aspects to this landmark and with the snow it gave that extra finish...

Now I can't wait to get the films developed and to see them in vintage format as the camera gives a unique finish that I find hard to put into words.

Below are a few that I took with my other camera to show you what I shot today. 



Then of course the ones taken with the Brownie will be in black and white...they will be different.
I must have stayed on that hill top for what seemed like the best part of an hour, it was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers anymore, I quickly dashed back to the car to get warmed up.  

It was a beautiful day and worth all the effort I put into going...  

As I always say 'brownie days are the best'.  

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