Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Three Queens sail the River Mersey

Just yesterday I took a day trip over to Liverpool to see the three Queens sail together along the River Mersey.  Upon arrival one could tell the city was just packed out totally, nothing like I've ever seen before the crowds were everywhere.

I jumped on the tube to get to Hamilton Square as was advised this would be the best area for taking photos so I joined the crowds to get to my destination and had no problem getting finding it as I just followed everyone as they were all going to the same place.

We all walked down towards the river it was just swarming with people as I tried to get a good spot for taking photos it was virtually impossible as I couldn't see the sea from the crowds I tried to get up onto some walls which would lift me higher to see over everyone's heads but those standing near the walls stopped me saying that's our spot go away....  

I quickly moved on looking for somewhere to get a good view, in the end I gave up frustrated.  I stood behind an old man he was very tall and seemed quite happy it looked like his whole family were there with him... I had to think fast as the ships began to approach us as the people began to cheer all I wanted was to see and get some good photos.

Suddenly I just took my Nikon out of the bag switched it on and checked the settings then I lifted the camera up high the old man stood still and didn't move an inch I began clicking away and checking the camera every now and then.  This was my only chance or so it seemed to be at that moment in time.  I kept clicking away and the old man didn't mind as he heard my camera's shutter going all the time.

The three ships were now together on the Mersey doing their movements and suddenly a mighty roar erupted above our heads it was the Red Arrows and that was just spectacular indeed...I quickly zoomed my camera on them and only got one shot because they were so fast.  When I pulled the camera down I had a quick look and I thought oh no I lost that as I thought the photo didn't work out.

As the minutes passed the people in front of me began to move and leave so I slowly pushed towards the front and the old man started to push me forward in front of himself so I could get a better view.

Suddenly there I was at the front and it was amazing although one of the queens had gone it was still my chance to get some proper photos so I took advantage of doing that...I also took a lot with the Reflex Brownie.

As I was taking photos with the Brownie an old man beside me in a wheelchair said "excuse me is that a brownie?" And I said "yes" he then said "oh that's a very old camera do they still make film for it?" So I told him how I managed to find a company who do the 127 film.  It was an interesting conversation I had with this old local man, he was so polite and he was clearly interested in the camera and what I was doing...

It was a fabulous day had by all it was estimated 1.3 million people visited Liverpool to see the three Queens yesterday.  

Below are some photos from the day....
But I await on the photos being developed from the Brownie Camera.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Breakfast Included Exhibition

Late Friday afternoon I made my way over to Blackpool Winter Gardens for the latest exhibition in which I had the opportunity to show one of my photos taken with the Reflex Brownie.

The exhibition was a pop up gallery hosted by The Lucky Jotter and Breakfast Included.

My work was shown in the 'Breakfast Included' part of the exhibition which was hosted by Jack Boniface along with Leftcoast & the English Arts Council.  It's part of a project which serves to help promote the local art scene in Blackpool & The Fylde area.

When I arrived the exhibition was well underway with lots of people walking around having a look at the work on display so I ventured inside to be met with four of my friends it was wonderful to see them again as we all studied together while doing our degree.  

The venue was crammed with lots of interesting people from different walks of life I guess mostly from the world of photography and artists alike...it was encouraging to see so many people come to the pre-view.   At this show I was able exhibit one of my large photos which was previously shown at the University Center in Blackpool.  

As the evening got underway it ended up I got chatting with lots of interesting people it was so encouraging indeed.  One young Polish girl asked me as I was standing not far from my photo, she quietly asked ,"are you the artist of this photo?" and I said politely, yes it's mine.  She suddenly smiled and said "oh I always wanted to meet the person who took that photo as I saw it at the University Center at the College, I just love your work and this image is my favourite one", she was just happy to finally meet me I guess.  Having showed this image alongside two other photos they were well received at Blackpool & The Fylde University Center from December 2014 - February 2015. 

An older lady approached and asked the same, "are you the artist?" she then went on to say how she used to live in that very village where I took that photo and actually they could see that bridge from their lounge window, so it holds lots of fond memories for herself and her husband.  After talking with this woman for about ten minutes she then told me she was Jack's Mum as Jack was hosting the show where my work was shown.  

Also one must wonder around as well I had a look at other artists work and yes outstanding, one which caught my eye was Jacks work he did a series of local independent businesses in which he photographed the business owners in their environment, so fascinating and I really liked how he captured them within that environment.  Marianne Van Loo showed some of her work from while she lived in New Delhi, India along with her book it was an insight into life in India at the time she was there over the space of three years.  

The Lucky Jotter exhibition was up-stairs having took the plunge and climbed those small winding steps on the spiral staircase as I got to the top all the lights were on the exhibited images proudly displayed on the walls.  Some were like 3D images interesting indeed but one artists work stood out I think it was an American artists work it gave an old feel it looked faded but I loved this work it looked like it was taken of a by-gone era but it was so true as if it was shot only recently, it looked like Texas or some other American state similar to Texas.  I might be wrong.

Over all it was a great night and my thanks goes to Jack Boniface (Breakfast Included) and Joseph Pegler (The lucky Jotter) it was an outstanding evening.  

Below are a selection of photographs I took at the event.

The artist who did the painting above her work was based on Dance and how the body moves when listening to music.  Her work is amazing and as you look at her work you could tell it was dance / music as I always say music frees a person up from the stress and pressures of life for a moment to be lost in another world.  I found Sam to be so warm and lovely to chat with as we talked about life in the art world.

So that's another successful exhibition underway.  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to exhibit my work from the Reflex Brownie Camera at three different exhibitions this year so far, it's something I never thought possible.  And I'm thankful for every minute of it.  

So my question is what is next? 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Three Photos being Exhibited

These are the three photos that have and are being exhibited....

The next exhibition is on Friday - At Winter Gardens in Blackpool for two weeks, 
only 1 image will be shown at this exhibition due to the availability of space.

I just want to share these photos once again.

They were taken with this beautiful camera from the 1940's...

I'm pressing on with the journey into the very footsteps of Edward Chambre Hardman.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Walking in the footsteps of Hardman

I'm delighted to share that the journey into walking in Edward Chambre Hardman's footsteps has now begun.

Last week I took a drive up to Sedburgh to re-capture the school in which Hardman was commissioned to photograph in the early 50's.  Upon arrival I thought oh it's one school surely I'll find it as Sedburgh is such a small town, as I thought their was just one building so immediately I found it.

Suddenly I started to take photos and the feeling was unreal as to think I was walking in someone's footsteps was just amazing I can't find words to explain what it was really like...joyful perhaps or a feeling of being fulfilled.  It wasn't something I could put into words how it really felt but I was smiling so much, yes it was happening it was the beginning of something in which where it will take me I do not know.

Here are a few of the photos that I captured with my iPad but I also captured with my Reflex brownie too...but one has to wait for the development of those films.

The photo below is of the old and new but as I joined them up something got the better of me as I looked closely at the photos, i just kept looking at the three sloping hills in the background.
Then I thought is this right is it the right building so I googled the school and in doing that I discovered there were at least five different schools in Sedburgh but they belonged to the one main school if that makes sense.  Curiously got the better of me as I wanted the photograph to be spot on I wanted to ensure I had the right building.  So I dropped them a email.  They answered along with accurate directions to the very spot where Hardman photographed the building.

Yes I shot the wrong building how embarrassing.

So onwards I traveled up to Sedburgh again to find the correct building....
When I got there it was amazing I knew yes this is just great so great to look upon the building and the three sloping hills behind the school.  It was breathtaking totally.

In order to get to the spot where Hardman stood I had to jump a fence and be chased by angry sheep, they calmed down eventually but continued to follow me around the field.

Here are the photos I took on my iPad but firstly let's look at the photo Hardman took in the early 50's.

Here is mine...you can see the many changes below more trees the landscape it's mostly the same.

I also captured this with the reflex brownie so I can't wait to get the film back to see the results.

Yes I got the right building this time I guess we all stumble and make mistakes from time to time.  A friend told me well sent me a link about the joining up of the photos I misunderstood this and thought he wanted me to try joining up the photos so I followed suit and looked closely at others work in this way as it seems to be a growing trend at the moment.  To keep it short I misunderstood what he meant - it was to help me line up the photos to get them spot on...but I've learned so I'm pressing on.

My next stop is Liverpool next week to capture Hardman's most iconic photo which is the 'Ark Royal' of course the Ark Royal is no longer there as time has moved on, but as one says I'm re-creating his work from today's perspective.  

So keep walking with me, more to follow next week.  But before then one more exhibition in Blackpool on Friday which will run for two weeks with 'Breakfast Included & The Lucky Jotter'.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Exhibition ETALAGE III Friday 8.5.2015

Friday 8th May finally arrived as I woke up that morning suddenly the realisation that the exhibition was that evening.  I began to get goosebumps thinking about the show and how as an artist it might be an open door to maybe someone would discover my work.

I quickly got up and hurried to breakfast only to be caught up in the busyness of everyone trying to get their food and coffee.  I just needed coffee to get me started so quickly made one and sat down and I began to dream about the day and wonder how it would unfold.  We all have these moments of dreaming no matter what age you are we all dream of the very things we would love to happen in the now.

As the evening was slowly approaching it started to rain I mean rain it was heavy...it sort of distracted me in one way and calmed the nerves a bit....as I looked out the window watching the people hurry past the shops to avoid getting wet.  Suddenly the clock struck 5:15pm and I was standing ready all dressed for the show.  It was almost time to venture out into the rain we caught a Taxi to take us to the AWOL Studios otherwise we would have got soaked.

Oh I couldn't believe it was time for the show.  As we arrived knowing the exhibition was on the top floor jumped on the lift but this time the light was working so I could see what was happening and it wasn't such a problem to communicate.

The doors opened. It was time...

As the invited guests began to arrive the studio quickly filled up.  

As I was walking around I began to take a few photos as I looked at the other artists work, all outstanding work.  A few projects caught my eye as I read the artist descriptions and looked at the photos.  I want to share a few with you from the show as I realise many of you will not be able to attend so this is a window into the evening.

Many different artists showed projects they were working on or had recently finished.

I remember an interesting subject in which one artist photographed the British Living Room a simple place where we all live our every day lives yet every living room is different never two the same.  I loved the idea behind this work, as you viewed the different rooms it sort of gave a small window into the peoples lives who lived in that space.  

The two photos above were taken by one of my friends Tony who is an artist based in Plymouth. His project was about a trip he took in Kenya "Tsavo" fantastic work indeed.  He captured the wildlife and the open land within that area of Tsavo it is breathtaking to be honest.  It's like one is standing on the threshold of that very place to see and experience the landscape with the nature found in that area of Kenya. 

Another artist that caught my eye was a young woman who did a series of self portraits it was interesting to see what she did and how she portrayed herself in photographic form.  

One of my ex-tutors was also exhibiting at the show his work focused on old railway lines once used as a means to get from A to B but now over grown and disused yet portrayed so beautifully by nature.  

All of the exhibitors work was outstanding.

My two ex-tutors above, David was exhibiting also. 

It was a fabulous evening had by all and a great turnout.  I am so thankful to Liz Ball for giving me the opportunity to share my work at this event and I hope it's the first of many.  

Lastly showing you my work that was exhibiting at the event. 

It was an honour to be able to share my work from the Reflex Brownie Camera, which were well received by the invited guests and artists alike, lots of positive feedback was given along with encouragement to keep going and to begin my new project.

A friend loved my Business cards. 

So this is just a little look into the evening and the show goes on until Friday 15.5.15.

Next exhibition with Breakfast Included in two weeks time. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Installation ETALAGE III Exhibition

The exhibition day has almost arrived, this afternoon was the installation for the last of the artists.
Everyone was sort of kept in their own busyness with getting their work up and ready for the show tomorrow night.  It was somewhat exciting watching the other artists alike preparing their work and meeting each other...

When arriving at the studio one had a choice to either take the lift or the many steps to get to the top floor it was rather interesting as I got on the lift with two men it was pitch black and I just said I'm going to the studio...they laughed at me.  When at the top one can look down the lovely old steps I had to take a photo.

 I looked around at other people's work sometimes it's interesting to do such a thing as in a way it gives a glimpse into their world...to see what they're not only capturing but to see the creativity found within other artists can be very interesting indeed.

It took just a mere ten minutes to install my work just three photos to exhibit.
It was hard to get a photo of my work alone as someone else's work is directly above mine.

This was my space that Liz set aside for me...

Below is a snapshot of my work not the best I'm afraid.

After installing my work I decided to leave and get checked in to the place where I'm staying...but I did notice on the way into the studio how nice and old it looked outside so took a few photos, it's actually a nice photogenic area in the Northern part of the city.

Next blog will be all about the actual exhibition evening. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

ETALAGE III Exhibition in Manchester 8.5.15

This coming Friday in Manchester I'll be showing some of my work alongside many artists alike at the ETALAGE III Exhibition.

I'm so excited to be part of this exhibition to see other artists work and to meet them at the private preview.  At this moment in time I do not know really what my expectations are but the excitement is enough for now.

The exhibition runs for one week see the flyer below for details if you are free please go along you will not be disappointed I promise you.

The photos I will be exhibiting were taken with a vintage Reflex Brownie Camera from the 1940's.

I will blog next week with an update of how the private preview went along with photos.


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