Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Three Queens sail the River Mersey

Just yesterday I took a day trip over to Liverpool to see the three Queens sail together along the River Mersey.  Upon arrival one could tell the city was just packed out totally, nothing like I've ever seen before the crowds were everywhere.

I jumped on the tube to get to Hamilton Square as was advised this would be the best area for taking photos so I joined the crowds to get to my destination and had no problem getting finding it as I just followed everyone as they were all going to the same place.

We all walked down towards the river it was just swarming with people as I tried to get a good spot for taking photos it was virtually impossible as I couldn't see the sea from the crowds I tried to get up onto some walls which would lift me higher to see over everyone's heads but those standing near the walls stopped me saying that's our spot go away....  

I quickly moved on looking for somewhere to get a good view, in the end I gave up frustrated.  I stood behind an old man he was very tall and seemed quite happy it looked like his whole family were there with him... I had to think fast as the ships began to approach us as the people began to cheer all I wanted was to see and get some good photos.

Suddenly I just took my Nikon out of the bag switched it on and checked the settings then I lifted the camera up high the old man stood still and didn't move an inch I began clicking away and checking the camera every now and then.  This was my only chance or so it seemed to be at that moment in time.  I kept clicking away and the old man didn't mind as he heard my camera's shutter going all the time.

The three ships were now together on the Mersey doing their movements and suddenly a mighty roar erupted above our heads it was the Red Arrows and that was just spectacular indeed...I quickly zoomed my camera on them and only got one shot because they were so fast.  When I pulled the camera down I had a quick look and I thought oh no I lost that as I thought the photo didn't work out.

As the minutes passed the people in front of me began to move and leave so I slowly pushed towards the front and the old man started to push me forward in front of himself so I could get a better view.

Suddenly there I was at the front and it was amazing although one of the queens had gone it was still my chance to get some proper photos so I took advantage of doing that...I also took a lot with the Reflex Brownie.

As I was taking photos with the Brownie an old man beside me in a wheelchair said "excuse me is that a brownie?" And I said "yes" he then said "oh that's a very old camera do they still make film for it?" So I told him how I managed to find a company who do the 127 film.  It was an interesting conversation I had with this old local man, he was so polite and he was clearly interested in the camera and what I was doing...

It was a fabulous day had by all it was estimated 1.3 million people visited Liverpool to see the three Queens yesterday.  

Below are some photos from the day....
But I await on the photos being developed from the Brownie Camera.

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