Saturday, 13 June 2015

Brownie Girl

Just last week I was invited to an end of the year Graduate Show by some students and Staff from my former University.  I traveled over to Manchester to see this show as I heard it was outstanding and seeing one was in the exhibition mode I decided to go along and see the new emerging talent to see what is coming out from the creatives in the North West.

As I arrived at the Old Granada Studios it seemed surreal to be outside this building which once was responsible for many TV shows being broadcasted here in the UK.  

The exhibition was true to what was expected it was fantastic.  It was a one night show only for various reasons, it quickly filled up and at 7:30pm they had a fashion show which was just amazing to see the new talent.  I have to say one is glad that I made the effort to go along. 

While chatting with different people at the show someone remembered who I was from a previous exhibition where my work was shown and they referred to me as the "Brownie Girl". 

I found that most encouraging to be honest because I want people to notice what I'm doing as I walk with my Brownie camera.

Some of you already know that I've begun a project walking in the footsteps of Edward Chambre Hardman, retracing his steps today.  Just the other week I went up to Sedburgh to photograph a school he was commissioned to photograph in the 1950's.  

When I got there the feeling I had inside was immense I can't put words to how I really felt it was good.
To stand where he stood it seems like I'm talking about someone famous but no he was a very down to earth photographer.

I began to take photos of which I thought was the school he was commissioned to photograph in the 1950's but upon getting back home suddenly realised that I captured the wrong building as there are many different buildings that belong to the one school.  A friend suggested that I try to line the photos up the old and new to make sure I get the images accurate. One tries their best so.

You will see from the photos what was going on.

The above is the wrong building to my's so easy to make such mistakes dare I say that! 

One can see how I lined the photos up together all I could focus on we're the three sloping hills in the background I knew if I got that right without the need of anything else, how wrong I was... So I contacted the School in Sedburgh and asked for help locating where Hardman took the photos.  They kindly gave me details as to the exact building and place.  

Off I went to sedburgh again to find the correct building and location too, yes I found it, below is one of the photos I captured with my Brownie Reflex.

It's an interesting journey so far....

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