Sunday, 1 November 2015

Duaflex II / ReflexBrownie 2 (my two new cameras)....

Before I begin to share its important that you can see these beautiful cameras just to give you an idea of what I've been working with... 

A few weeks ago I put some film through both cameras, which I call tester films to see if they're working and to see the finished results.

When doing a tester film one just photographs anything really to see if it's worth while but my faith was in these little gems.  I had high hopes that they would produce stunning photos with an old feel which could contain anything from dust marks to scratches on the images which I firmly believe should remain on the finished prints.  Why do I think those marks should be seen?  I like to not only give the feeling of something old but I like to show the truth as those marks are on the cameras it's not really on the films themselves I just feel they give a more interesting finish to the photographs.  If you've ever seen photos printed from such cameras you will understand the whys.

As I sit at my computer and look at these photos from the tester films it's just unbelievable to be honest and I have to say having shot and I still do shoot digital but film there is something so special about it, nothing beats it.  I just find it hard to express in words just how film is the silver lining in photography.  It is an expensive process but worth every penny when you see the finished result. 

Quite simply I love film especially with these old vintage cameras as I never thought I'd hold one never mind take photos with them.  They are interesting to use and a learning curve too as I take different photos with them it's a challenge to know what works and what doesn't.

You will see from the new photos below why I'm saying that! 

Duaflex II - photos below.

M6 Link Road still being built.
guess I got a bit carried away here shooting the same landscape....

The photo above is quite interesting the sky is overexposed the colours look like the saturation is too much but it's a straight photo I've not edited it yet.

This photo above well when I was talking the film out it was a bit on the loose side so hence the light streaks.  It was interesting indeed but next time I must ensure the film is tightly on the take-up spool.

Duaflex II Black and White film. 

I'm really encouraged at the sharpness of some of the photos from the Duaflex II. 

Reflex Brownie Two.

So many photos this time I hope your enjoying them... It's interesting to see the difference between both cameras as you can see some photos repeated I did that on purpose to see what the difference would be.... 

Now I guess I need to move on and take these cameras with as I continue to walk in Hardmans footsteps.  


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