Saturday, 12 December 2015

Test:bed 2015 Climate Change - Exhibition

Just today I'm sure we are all well aware of the Climate Change and how we need to take action now in the World due to many factors that need our foremost attention urgently. (COP21)

I have been delighted to be involved in a small way through an exhibition on the climate change here in the North West of England.  With Test:bed which was an informal evening of art and critical discussion, premised on the theme of Art and Ecology in a global and local context.

There were eleven artists involved in the evening whose work was in many different forms but all spoke of different aspects found within the environment amoung the ever changing events taking place globally that ring out alarm bells.  

The event took place at Abingdon Studios in Blackpool on 10-12-15. 

On the Monday I handed in my work for the show only to return the next day to hand in my bigger prints as I did that I was able to see some other work layed out for the exhibition it was exciting.  
My big photos had been exhibited early in the year at the University Centre in Blackpool where I undertook my degree.  However this exhibition was in a different scale due to climate change and it couldn't have come at a better time as where I live ten miles away from Kendal the town badly affected by Storm Desmond.  

It was a week of chaos on the run up to the exhibition due to the localised flooding many roads closed nearby to where I live small villages flooded too, no power for 36 hours only for it to go off again seemed unimaginable at the time, but my thoughts were with those families in Kendal who lost so much.

As the days moved past slowly I began to get excited about the exhibition with 'Test-bed' but on the other hand I wasn't too sure what to expect.  That evening I drove over to Blackpool for the Private Viewing I was exhibiting with my friend Marianne Van Loo whom I studied with at the local college.

Abingdon Studios is set in the heart of the town of Blackpool a real hub in the right place, as I arrived i could hear people talking and saw they were quite busy already.  Marianne rushed over to walk with me so I could see my work up on the wall beside hers it was a lovely feeling to see this us both sharing our work for others to see yet to talk loud and clear about the environment.

Marianne's work was taken in Gurgagon in a new town south of Delhi they were outstanding images which shared the ongoing changes within that town.

As the evening began to slowly pass I took a walk to look at the other artists work it was all outstanding indeed.

My work was well received and lots of positive feedback given it was encouraging.  It was encouraging to hear what people said about my work some noticed it was analog and they asked questions about where the photos were taken along with what kind of camera and where I sourced the film.

As people walked through the small doorway to see my work they just stood transfixed it was interesting to watch people's faces and it was moving to me as an artist.  Some people asked is this yours? And I'd politely say yes it's mine and they said "it's fantastic" I just smiled and watched as they looked on.  It was well received.  

It seemed like their is a real need to show the World something different something they've not looked at in a long time and I'm sure this exhibition portrayed that in many different aspects.  To create an awareness of the ongoing changes locally and globally within our climate which need our full attention. 

It was an honour to be involved in this exhibition with Test-bed and to Ann Carragher the curator who did a wonderful job throughout the whole event.  

Below is some of my work that was on show.

   Brett Blundell looking on at my exhibited work.

     Marianne beside her exhibited work. 

Photos below curiosity ©Marianne Van Loo

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