Monday, 28 March 2016

Ongoings... Starlings that danced in the sky...

These past few months it seems that Browniegirl has gone quiet.  Lots have been going on for one reason or another and at times I've wanted to blog about personal issues relating to me as a person but at times I've questioned whether it's the right thing to do as it can be quite personal.

I've thought long and hard about things these past few months but I feel that after watching something this morning it sort of confirmed it to be honest.  In short I'd love to help others in their struggles with disabilities that can be hidden to the eye yet these disabilities are real and we live with them.

I'll keep this short as one can say so much about certain things but I'm a firm believer that less is more.

Sometimes people ask me what got you into photography in the first place I guess everytime I answer that question it gets personal because for myself as a little girl at the age of 6 I was diagnosed with a hearing impairment.   At that time in my life I felt different and that something was missing in my life in this thing I called my world something was lacking.  

I'm thinking what I will do is I will share in my next blog about what lead me into photography as I want to take time and encourage others with dreams to not let anything stop them wither they have a hearing impairment or are faced with going blind or any disability we have dreams for a reason and if your passionate about it go and live out those dreams you will find yourself and you will be free.

Just two weeks ago a good friend of mine invited me over to North Pier in Blackpool to watch the starlings fly.  I'd never seen such an event as I heard there were literally thousands that fly from North Pier.  

I drove over and met my friend we both set up our cameras and sat waiting for this amazing free show which was guaranteed to start just before sunset a show that would last somewhat 40 minutes or so..

As we sat watching suddenly they began to appear slowly then the sky's were filled with thousands of these beautiful little birds I was awe struck couldn't believe my eyes but yet at the same time I kept pressing my camera shutter like there was no tomorrow.  It was just pure magical.  We watched and I looked up at the wall behind us and saw lots of people turned out to also see this "murmurings' in the sky it was like the people wanted to cheer these birds on, then I glanced over to the right they suddenly began to land and rest on the sand thousands of them huddled together it was like a black blanket.  I couldn't hear them but my friend said they were very noisy.....  

I think for myself I was just captivated by what was going on as never in my life had I seen anything like it.....  As the sun began to set the starlings flew away for the night.  It was amazing just beautiful it was like they danced in the sky above us.

When I got home I looked at the photos I took and uploaded some to Instagram and to Twitter.
The next day BBC Radio Lancashire spotted one of my photos and re-tweeted it I kindly thanked them for the re-tweet and they invited me along for an interview to talk about my photography and that particular image of the starlings.

It was an opportunity not to be missed....I had the interview it was great, I took along some of my brownie photos they were blown over by them.  It was good.

I just wanted to share this with you all.  

BrownieGirl is back and still very much out capturing the world from her eyes.

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