Sunday, 23 October 2016

Review from first hand-in (People at Work)

Friday morning arrived I was somewhat excited yet dreading my first tutorial with Leonie who would look at my work from the "People At Work" project.  I was excited to hear the feedback as that is to help one improve as having sat in many critic sessions while at Blackpool this was daunting as it was online not like sitting opposite the people.

Class already started when I logged on as someone was already presenting their work so next up was me so here is a record of my feedback as I feel it's important to keep an note of it for future reference if needed to look back at.

Artist At Work (shoot 1)
I quickly slotted up the link to my photos, then Leonie asked me to pick three images that I liked best from the first shoot they were 22, 48 and 101 were my favourites.
As they were looking at the images I was telling them about the Artist and what his job was etc.

Leonie said I did a great job on this shoot and that I showed a story they could just run right through.  She said they could see detail and portrait shots which she said were fantastic also the variation and good environmental shots too.

She then asked me to chose three images from the other two galleries as I was looking Leonie was going through the images in more detail form this Artist shoot.

Car Mechanic (shoot 2)
From this shoot my three favourites were 3, 55 and 34.
I talked about image 40 and how he's hard at work and it's a messy job Leonie said "your good at editing" what she means is picking out the best shots in the projects.

Barbers Shop (shoot 3)
In the third project at the Barbers there seemed to be a focus issue and this is the least of the liked projects I shot for the given brief.  I shot some at 1/8th sec f 18 at 800 ISO which was wrong so Leonie said next time go down the F stop and up shutter speed and she said there was no need to be on f18 in such conditions she said don't go below a 60 or 30 sec is a general rule.

Chris mentioned f2.8 would have given me 1/250 sec.  Leonie  said if I'm in a low light situation again to maybe go f2.8 then go up to f4.  She encouraged me to reflect on my practice and experiment on it and find what works better.

*Go up an F stop if you want your image sharper and more in focus

She then said good work but wanted to chat later so I logged on into the later class at 4pm for a more detailed feedback.

Leonie said my thumbnails are square not full frame...I'm not sure how to sort this.

Leonie said image 18 translates very well in terms of on image that illustrates what he does for work.

image 18

She preferred images 18-22.

she then encouraged the class to hunt down the right angle and composition.  She said I did very well expanding the assignment and going beyond the brief, she then went on to say I did very well achieving that one fantastic shot that completely answers the brief namely image 18.

Image 116 would have been great if the man had his face turned towards me and have him engage with the audience.  

Image 116

Image 101 detail shot (first and foremost you need to get the portrait of him).

image 101

Image 111 is very strong

she said I did a good job and hopes I find her feedback to be of help.

Car Mechanic shoot.

Very good details in number 40 underneath the car.

image 40

she said the lighting is nice and it's telling the story nicely and that i got it in that portrait.

The last shoot the Barbers 
This is probably the least out of all three due to shutter speed.
And she mentioned if I shoot looking into a mirror to try and get further away and use a wider shot of the man having his hair cut.
Really just playing around with all the possibilities.

A real learning curve for me the projects were not easy but i have to say I loved the experience and being pushed to preform better.  It was so good the feedback I found it to be of great help and I will mostly build on what was said to improve my technique for the upcoming photo assignments.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

People At Work "Barbers"

Last Tuesday I took a lovely car ride over to Southport a well known location for holiday makers in the Northwest England.

My reasons for this trip was to capture someone at work for my final photoshoot so I chose this particular Barbers as its very vintage and has a retro style / look to it.  It's not only a barbers but it's also a wine shop combined.  I'd never seen it before only online and with the thumbs up from my brother-in law as he's been going to this shop for almost 20 odd years to get his hair cut.

I arrived to be met by the manger Steve who was a pleasant man and seemed quite happy in himself so I discussed what I needed to do and he was fine with that...but the thing is their was no clients at that time...  A few minutes passed and I was wondering what to do then the door opened and an old man walked in for a hair cut.  Steve politely asked if I could photograph him getting his hair cut and he said yes thats fine.

So out came my big Nikon camera so the story begins of capturing this old man getting his hair cut.

Enjoy the photos I can only upload a few images as there are too many to share...

It was a lovely experience to capture this as I never would have thought in a thousand years that I'd do that.


Monday, 10 October 2016

History & Theory Of Photojournalism & Documentary first Lecture

Monday 10th October

This morning was our first lecture on the History and Theory of photojournalism and documentary.
As the class began we waited patiently for the others to log onto the classroom.

Suddenly our first lecture was underway.  I felt a bit lost in the process as I struggled to follow mainly due to my hearing difficulties as normally it's better if I see the person face to face when talking but this isn't the case in class as it's all done online audio only with a blackboard in which things are shown on that board for us to examine or give input to.

I will press on and as I don't let things like this get in the way of what I'm doing I find other ways around it.  I was so curious as to what happened at the beginning as I saw that Paul was asking the others questions so I quickly messaged Tom to ask what was going on he kindly replied so that helped massively.

We were looking at different photos and trying to make meaning of them like we took them apart to make sense of what the story was within the photos.  It was fantastic really.  Other things were Dr Paul Lowe would draw a circle around a photo on the blackboard and ask us "how does that change the image?"  Was interesting really and in one sense sort of brought us closer to what we really saw, it makes you stop and de-construct the photo which is a great method as we did this in our critical studies while I undertook my BA at Blackpool.  It is a valuable tool to have I believe.

I will throw up some screen shots I took to explain things in more detail.

We started off by looking at this image which most of us are familiar with it's very powerful and they're running for their lives the fear can be seen in the faces it's awful really and pure horror.  Yet when we look at the Photographer on the right he seems not really with what is going on, looks like he is preoccupied with reloading his camera maybe I'm not sure.  Dr Lowe then did this to the image and asked up what do we see differently?

It took on a whole new dimension one could see more clearly what was going on its like your eye is drawn towards the girl running naked for her life.  Yet the first image you saw everything the full picture.

We then moved on to look at another image see below 
we spent a few moments looking at this image from what I saw if you look at the soldier you wonder what is going on then look at the people in the background I immediately though this a staged photo it's set up maybe they were making a film as you can see the camera man.

Then Dr Lowe got us to look at the first photo of those children running and compare it to this one for myself the first image is a real life event where as the second one isn't.   Well the second image could be a true life event but being acted out for a film?

The next image we look at was

Such a different thing altogether we jumped around while looking at this photo it was like a huge debate going on in the class as we all gave our own input it was interesting to see what others saw within this image absolutely fantastic.  This image was taken in New Orleans in 1968 we all even debated which year it was shot due to the background and the car I thought the 50's but nope was wrong.   It was a real learning curve. 

My next blog will be on the final photos on "People At Work". 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

People At Work - Car Mechanic

A few days ago I actually was given not only the chance to photograph a car mechanic but to actually look under a car for the first time too.

I asked Dave who works near me if I could capture him at work doing his normal everyday job and he simply said yes that is fine.  So we arranged a suitable time and day.

As I approached his garage he was working on an old car the customer wanted to see if he could fix it so he (the customer) could sell it on.  But unfortunately not the car was written off.

Here are a few photos from that shoot.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Meeting the Class

So today is the day we all get to meet each other online.

A new group of likeminded people about to venture out into an amazing journey a journey of discovery too.  I'm excited about the next two years to be honest and as the days unfold I hope to not only discover new things about myself but of the very things I will capture to be totally immersed into what I will do and to become a real story teller in the worlds eye.

It was fantastic meeting seven lovely people this morning online from different parts of the World mainly the U.K. but a few who are abroad as well.

As the class started I was somewhat ohhhhh don't let me be first to introduce myself I was so nervous and began to think did I set up my gallery ok did it make sense all sorts of thoughts went through my mind....  Then Dr Lowe began to talk so the introduction was under way the first person to share was Tom Warland his work was amazing he showed six different galleries.  I thought oh no I've only put one up!

When Tom finished sharing it was my turn it was weird to be honest to be sat in front of my computer talking away but I couldn't see anyone I just stared straight at my computer and talked then I put up the link to my only gallery hoping it would work and of course it did.

I introduced myself and where I'm from what I've been doing these past few years as a photographer, then I shared my Brownie work as I walked in Edward Chambre Hardman's Footsteps in which I re-traced his Footsteps from the early 1950's till today.

It was good to do this because not only do we get to meet each other we actually get to see a glimpse into our lives to see where we're at and to interact but in a different way.

The online tutorial was so different to what I had while I did my BA in Blackpool as we sat in critic sessions every week and viewed each other's work we were able to interact in different ways but I guess this is a learning curve and we will all settle into it soon enough.

So seven of us shared this morning and more will share this evening so I'm looking forward to that as well it's so interesting to meet and hear about everyone's work.

I'm just excited and nervous at the same time.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

People at Work Project (Artist) Robin Ross

We were given our first assignment on Monday to take photos of People at work.

The details were; One 35mm camera fitted with either a 50mm or a 35mm lens.  Black and White. To use available light no flash.  Maximum 400ASA outdoors, 800ASA indoors.  To take the equivalent of  72-100 frames of each subject.  Use manual focus and manual exposure.

To photograph an individual person at work or at leisure.  Three different subjects in different locations.  Make a series of images that show clearly the job or activity that they are doing and something about the nature of the job.

Artist Photo Shoot

Just yesterday Wednesday 5th October I began my first project in which i photographed another artist over in Blackpool at the Old Rock Factory.

This is his website;

As I drove over to the Old Rock Factory honestly I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I had heard some fantastic reviews on Robins work and what he offers to the comunity in Blackpool as an artist.
I approached the long stairs to the entrance of his studio to find the door slightly ajar and I called in "hello" waiting for an answer and a voice shouted back.  So I went inside and it was an amazing place to be honest.  Robin kindly introduced himself, I did meet him last year when I was exhibiting with Test Bed which was an exhibition on the environment of which I had the privilege to be part of that show.

He started to share about his work as an artist and as I began to take photos he told me about the different process that the artwork goes through while he kindly demonstrated it as well.

I constantly was capturing Robin at work and looking around the surroundings as I was just captivated by what he did and his work is outstanding as for someone who does screen printing I'd never seen a studio quite like it.  He talked about the different colours of ink he uses for the prints its like how we use CMYK on our computer monitors we are restricted to the Green, Red and Black you will know what I mean.  It was simply fascinating.  He clearly loves his work and is so passionate about it too he even runs classes to learn how to screen print you can do some of your own photos if you requested for that its endless what he offers as to printing.

I just snapped away with my camera trying to remember all the details within the brief and trying to pay attention to what I was shooting within the frames it was hard as one had to move fast to capture the different moments within the given time frame and to focus as well was a challenge as I had to use my zoom lens due to a slight problem with my 35mm lens.

The sun kept appearing inside the window so I had to keep changing my camera settings to accommodate the brightness of the sunshine streaming into the room.  It was a challenge and a few of my photos are over exposed and have blurring too.

I was trying to think of the narrative as well but we were constantly on the move it was hard I guess the challenge is (a) Time frame (b) constantly moving (c) natural light source changing (d) trying to make sense of it all as in a story.

I guess its a different way of thinking in this area of photography and I'm only just learning this now as I type and think back to yesterdays shoot with Robin.

See below for some photos I'm showing the best ones, I know you can't blame me.

I have done NO editing whatsoever in the photos they are pure.

It was a great experience and I'm thankful to Robin for allowing me to capture him busy at work in his studio.

A real learning curve too as to having to almost go back to basics with my camera, I always use manual anyway but I use auto focus normally so it was a challenge to get back into doing the whole thing myself.  But I really enjoyed it.

After capturing Robin at work I then went to photograph my next person at work I will blog about that tomorrow.


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New Beginnings

Its about time I got a new blog post up sorry for the long silent delay.  

Lots of things going on in the background but here I am about to begin a new blog on another new journey.

Just yesterday Monday 3rd October a new adventure started for BrownieGirl.

My new adventure will take on many different forms and turns as I progress through the next two years of my life.  I have started my MA in Photojournalism & Documentary with London College of Communications it's part-time so will be working on that for the coming two years.

Am I excited yes I am to be honest.  At the moment I'm not sure where it will take me or what will happen over these next two years it will be an interesting adventure dare I say.

So that's what is going on and I hope those who already follow me will be happy at this news.

Keep watching for more updates as I progress through the course.

My first assignment is photographing people at work which is three different types of work just capturing the people as they go through the day to day things in their jobs.  Should be fun or maybe I will be stretched a little who knows.  

I will post some photos in a few days of what happens and we are not allowed to edit in anyway so you will see the photos in their true form, which I'm used to doing with my Brownie Camera so it's normal for myself.  

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