Sunday, 16 October 2016

People At Work "Barbers"

Last Tuesday I took a lovely car ride over to Southport a well known location for holiday makers in the Northwest England.

My reasons for this trip was to capture someone at work for my final photoshoot so I chose this particular Barbers as its very vintage and has a retro style / look to it.  It's not only a barbers but it's also a wine shop combined.  I'd never seen it before only online and with the thumbs up from my brother-in law as he's been going to this shop for almost 20 odd years to get his hair cut.

I arrived to be met by the manger Steve who was a pleasant man and seemed quite happy in himself so I discussed what I needed to do and he was fine with that...but the thing is their was no clients at that time...  A few minutes passed and I was wondering what to do then the door opened and an old man walked in for a hair cut.  Steve politely asked if I could photograph him getting his hair cut and he said yes thats fine.

So out came my big Nikon camera so the story begins of capturing this old man getting his hair cut.

Enjoy the photos I can only upload a few images as there are too many to share...

It was a lovely experience to capture this as I never would have thought in a thousand years that I'd do that.


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