Tuesday, 29 November 2016


'Portraits' is our new assignment for these next two weeks.

Firstly I've done my research. It sort of takes me back to my time while studying at Blackpool & The Flyde college.  We always did our research first before we took any photos.  Why, because you learned and got ideas from other people's work.  It quite often got me dreaming of images sometimes practically impossible to take but I dreamed, and sometimes I was able to come up with something else, sometimes just as good.  Once I found inspiration I'm off and running.

I stumbled upon some amazing portraits that are different and I feel that I want to apply this sort of creativity to my work to show what I can do and how I think in terms of seeing and imagining from my mindset.  I just looked at google images and got ideas from there as I scrolled down them.

I've chosen a Spanish girl for my first set of portraits.  She is young and is living and working in England for a year away from home in a college where she is a volunteer as an resident assistant. Which is a job she does in assisting students on a daily basis; she like a voice for them and a listening ear.

Here are a few trial shots I did on my iPhone.

I'd like to think of the first photo as an environmental photo as you can see the rain, along with the reflections of the outside world that surrounds her in this photograph.

The photo below was one I took as I looked at the back of my Nikon camera.
It is what we call a classic portrait.

More photos will follow soon as I continue to walk through this assignment.


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