Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Practical Project for my MA in Photojournalism and Documentary

These past few months have been a busy yet testing time for myself with circumstances beyond my control it has been heartbreaking at times.  During those difficult moments I was always thinking about my university projects which I had to literally push myself to get them finished on time for the submission date.

I want to walk back and fill you all in with what's been going and up till now....I hope this will not be a long boring blog so I'll break it down into stages.

Let's go back to my last blog was quite some time ago I know....

The last post was on 'Portraits' which was the last assignment we did on the run up to Christmas.
When we returned after Christmas and New Year it was time to put our heads down and do more serious studying plus work on a practical assignment too.  So we had to do an essay plus the practical one which were handed in on March.

For my practical one it was hard to come up with something that was different and challenging too.  I found that I actually did something I'd never dreamed of doing but after much thought over my subject matter, I don't know why but it seemed right to approach what I was deeply thinking about at the time.  So I emailed my tutor my thoughts on both my practical and my essay and he gave me the go ahead.

The next post will take you to a place deep in my journey a place where I live....


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