Saturday, 22 July 2017

Moving on into 'The Middle Land'.

It seemed January and February were a blur for myself as not only did I hear my friends cancer had returned but that she actually passed away in February it was a very difficult time for myself and her closest friends along with her family too.

I tried to focus on my work for college but couldn't find the strength to do so.  Everything went quiet my camera sat in its bag untouched for a few weeks it was hard I even began to wonder if I would complete the exams.  It just felt like everything was slipping from my hands.  Until I chatted with two friends who gently encouraged me to finish the exams for Julie and to make her proud of me as she would want me to finish the exams and get the degree.  Although this is only my first year so still have a long way to go yet.

So I began to pick my camera up and my pen too for the essay, time was running past quickly and I had about 3 weeks to submission time.  I had to focus quickly on everything and work my time out as to how I was going to complete the tasks.

I began to dream again of how to tell this story of my life. A place where I live every day.  Many things came to mind as I thought through the course of my life it was exciting to think that I could actually do a self documentary and to tell my story.

I know it's not going to be an easy task but it's exciting to think well if I can make a difference in someones life then it would all be worthwhile.  To tell my story will carry all sorts of feelings and emotions.

I began shooting again with the guidance from my tutor Leonine she was so honest when she saw my work.  It started off with research and that was a big hurdle as I sat for hours looking on the Internet for other people who maybe did a similar project but I hit a brick wall every time.  I contacted The Royal National Institute for the Deaf but nothing from them on that area only leaflets to help people with the disability.  So in the end I realised My story is  my own testimony as I am profoundly deaf.
So I started the project again in which I looked into my own life as a deaf visual artist.

As the days began to slowly pass I kept picking up my camera to capture and to tell my own story as best as I could as a photographer.  The feedback that I received from Leonie during the fortnightly tutorials were very helpful she simply connected with what I was trying to do and she took a deep interest in this work.

A story that I never thought I'd tell,  a story of self in the world in which I lived in since I was a little girl aged 6 years old till now and ongoing.  A story of living in my world not in the hearing world and not in the deaf world but in the middle which I now call the 'Middle Land'.

Welcome to my world I hope you will enjoy the journey seeing things how I see them as an artist who relies on the visual in the everyday things.

Journeying on.

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