Thursday, 7 September 2017

Still waiting......

Time is passing quickly and it seems like nothing is happening.  My tutor Lewis has encouraged me to look at a few things or areas where I can explore.  Its hard going this collabaraton dare I say in someways it's sort of holding me back from pressing on.

The whole month of June and most of July have been put on hold as on the 30th May my dear Daddy passed away suddenly and it left me broken and unable to do anything for those few months.  I lost all focus and had to just be and walk the road a grief.

So here I am again once trying to catch up on my University studying plus getting my blog unto date as well.  Time seems to fly when life changing events take place in ones life.  Its just hard to pick oneself up again and continue, not as it was before but to move on as my daddy would want me to.

For the past few months although it seems like I wasn't doing much but I was slowly doing things in the background.  One was the twenty minutes eye shut time with Peter Fraser.  I found while doing that exercise it somewhat brought me in one way a relief from what I was facing in my life, sometimes when I did the twenty minutes I couldn't make sense of what and why I was photographing what I did.  It was surreal in one sense to be honest and only a few days later as I looked back on those photos did I come to realise and see something beautiful in the darkness around me. Below are a few of the photos I took on that road of grief and the unknown.

The other thing was for my collaboration project I have a keen interest in sound waves and how that travels its so fascinating to be able to capture such a thing would be just mind blowing for myself as to someone like myself who is profoundly deaf 'sound' is survival it's everything.  Every noise you hear each day can carry alarm bells and alert you of different things going on that need your attention so in a way it is survival in this world which we all live in...for someone like myself it's harder to define different noises so in one way I'm curious so to how the different sounds travel.

I have a friend from my youth days and he is now a retired surgeon in Glasgow I kindly asked David if he knew someone in the medical profession who could help me with the collaborative project so I can work alongside someone who works with sound and with people who have lost their hearing.
Mainly a ENT Consultant I was looking for someone who is enthusiastic about this kind of work so we can both learn from each other as I undertake such a task.
However two long months passed and I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to happen as I had no response it didn't mean David wasn't trying as i know its hard to get your foot in the door.

One day I was thinking oh I need to get a plan B in place as I'm not sure what is going on and I was beginning to get worried about the project as I wanted to do something totally different and to be adventurous as well.  Time was passing quickly.  That very same day my phone beeped it was a email notification from David and yes he put me in contact with a ENT Consultant in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

So that very same evening I wrote my first email to Richard Lockie explaining my project and ideas with the hope that he would want to work with me.

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