Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Collaberative Project

It seems the winds of change is now upon us as the new University year has now begun once again, it also alerts me of the urgency to get on with my projects.  To move on into the new areas of not only my life but of studying once again.

This past summer has been one of the toughest summers I've had in a long time with the passing of my Daddy in May it has been a hard and I've struggled with the grief that followed this sadness and loss as I miss him dearly we were very close.  Yet he remains in my heart forever I will never forget this man who was my role model as he taught me many great things in life.  He kindness was unspeakable he would have given his last penny to someone in need, simply I only have lovely memories of my daddy and these I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

Memories are beautiful things we can look back on or hold onto as they help us not only cope but to face the road ahead of us, even today I had a wobble thinking of him as I will venture home next Wednesday for my collaborative project.   As I plan to visit my brother and mum and this will be my first visit since my dad passed away.  I realise people change and move on I'm not really sure how I will move on with the times as one can't plan for something so suddenly, I can only do my best.

For my collaborative project I will be working closely with a ENT consultant who works at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.  He is a young consultant who is very entousiastic about ear surgery. As I met him last week we talked about many different things relating to hearing issues and deafness it was most immersing as I was just amazed to hear how passionate he actually is about such issues.

He shared about cochlear implants and the difference they can make to a hearing impaired persons life and how it can change not only the quality of their life style but how they can hear the normal things that hearing aids don't provide.  Hearing aids only amplify loud noises where as the implants help and work within the damaged ear and sends signals to the brain.  Its interesting to listen to Dr Richard Locke share about those implants and why profoundly deaf people need them more than hearing aids.

I'm looking forward to working alongside Dr Richard Locke and seeing how this project unfolds it might not go how I envisage it to as I can imagine it will take on the forms of many different twists and turns which I might not expect at all.

The reasons for this project and why I'm doing it is because I want to see from a medical point of view the other side of the spectrum to see what goes on and how they diagnose someone as hearing impaired and the necessary steps to helping and providing them with what is best to help them.

I know I walked this route myself but I was only 6 years old and I have vivid collections of that journey.  I feel its a great area to document for my Masters and to tell it how it is in black and white no hidden things, to tell the story in its true form.  Maybe to help others see what is actually going on and to maybe make things clearer to them when faced with a hearing impairment.

I'm not sure where this will take me but I feel it's worth documenting.


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